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Hell Yeah or No
Hell Yeah or No
Hell Yeah or No
Hell Yeah or No

Hell Yeah or No

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The Story

Knowing when to say yes and when to say no are skills that should be taught early on - but they’re not.

Thankfully, Derek Sivers delivered this amazing quote on The Tim Ferriss Podcast, providing a framework on how to make better decisions with your time.

It’s easy to remember, too.

Hell Yeah! Or No.

That’s it, just listen to your gut. You’ll know immediately, and you’ll start to use this trick all the time. Here’s an example:

"Hell Yeah, I want this coffee mug to serve as my get out of jail free card from situations I don’t want to be in. Like weddings during the fall, Hell Yeah football takes priority!"

  • Spend more time playing with your kids, cooking for your spouse or working on that couch imprint
  • Make decisions guilt free, no more awkward obligations
  • You’ll probably end up with a closet full of black sweaters or khakis
Pair With
We’d normally mention some fancy single origin coffee, but since we mentioned football, and there is a crisp breeze blowing, how about a little bit of Captain and warm Apple Cider to ease into your Saturday?

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