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Calm Is Contagious
Calm Is Contagious
Calm Is Contagious
Calm Is Contagious

Calm Is Contagious

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The Story

We’ve all been there, casually enjoying dinner with a group of friends, and then it happens. Someone at your table has tipped back too many craft beers, and they’re about to spar with the table next to them.

Luckily, you not only resemble a stoic, but your calamity in the face of adversity quickly is adopted by everyone else.

Pavel Tsatsouline brilliantly brought up this favorite quote of ours, originally provided by Rorke Denver.

"Calm Is Contagious."

Just think.

We all know people who hardly react to any sudden news that typically makes most emotional or frantic, especially when the stakes are high.

Now think about those who don’t.

We look to them to provide us with the dose of calamity we need, at the moment we need it. They are our rocks.

  • Guaranteed to stop and think when receiving your next dose of unexpected news
  • You will observe the collective stress level of others decrease
  • The 24/7 news cycle becomes irrelevant
Pair With

If you’re anything like us, remaining calm is not synonymous with black coffee. But you didn’t read this far to become disgusted at a suggestion of decaf. A nice dark roast blend with a few grams under the recommend ratio into your grinder will do the trick here. Alert, aware, calm.

Inspiration Source

Pavel Tsatsouline on episode 55 of The Tim Ferriss Show.