Busy IS a Decision
Busy IS a Decision
Busy IS a Decision
Busy IS a Decision
Busy IS a Decision
Busy IS a Decision

Busy IS a Decision

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The Story

We’ve all heard it.

“I can’t help you right now, I’m busy.” “Ah, I can’t hang out that day, I’m busy."

We know it’s bull shit.

Being “busy” has typically meant that you’re filling your time with very important things. But we’re with honest with ourselves here. You're not busy.

You’ve even been a person to say “you’re busy”, we all have.

It’s a way of letting ourselves have a cop-out from ourselves. A hint that we don’t know how to spend our time with what matters most, our priorities.

Hearing “I’m busy” is code for I don’t have my priorities in order.

This should scare you.

It’s time that we all changed course as Debbie Millman would say and acknowledge that “busy” is a decision.

A decision to spend time doing things that we don’t have control over.

A decision to spend time not improving ourselves, or working towards our ambitions.

No more!

Busy is a decision that we’re longer making.

  • That list of tasks that you keep putting off? You’ll have time for those now.
  • Improved communication and gained respect with friends and family. No longer will you say you’re busy. You'll be transparent with it not fitting into your priorities.
  • Satisfaction of working on things that make you happy
Pair With

Ideally, this is paired with “hell yeah or no,” but that’s not a drink you can concoct. Let’s instead strive for your favorite drink that brings out your honest you. Is it tea with a splash of honey? Maybe a french press? Just be happy and work on what makes you tick!