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Assume Positive Intent
Assume Positive Intent
Assume Positive Intent
Assume Positive Intent

Assume Positive Intent

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The Story
This one is all about filling up your optimist glass, looking at the next person you see and chugging it. And it may be one of the best Daniel Pink quotes mentioned on The Tim Ferris Show podcast.

Judging other people is inevitable, but before we write them off, we can begin to give them the benefit of the doubt.

That’s where “assume positive intent” comes from.

It’s cut from the same cloth that we don’t know the battles another person are fighting, as Tim Ferriss has mentioned numerous times.

Let’s all begin to retrain our brain to make assumptions about people that are for the good.

Let's look for the validation they are attempting to contribute to society, instead of waiting for the moment we go “ope, I knew it.”

No more of that.

Do yourself a good deed and succumb to the surprise of humans acting as you would want them to act.

  • Awkward conversations with people you want to avoid are a thing of the past
  • Increased mindfulness by taking a moment for what it is instead of what you think it will be
  • A greater sense of appreciation for humanity and your neighbors
Pair With
A half-full glass of your favorite drink that produces a hint of slap-happiness but enables a state of calm. I don’t even know of the exact name for it, but we all know what that feeling is like. Try something simple that takes you to your happy place.

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