In 2009 I was in my first job out of college, bored out of my mind and stumbled upon The Four Hour Work Week.
This book found me at the perfect time.
I was spending too much time wrestling with the reality that this is what the majority of Americans do each day; show up and go through the motions.
Luckily, I have an internal voice that never lets me accept mediocrity. This instinct latched on to The Four Hour Work and opened my mind to possibilities outside of what we’ve all been led to believe as the “American Dream."
Fast forward nearly a decade, and I’ve checked off every box I’ve drawn since that year of initial discovery. I’ve taken the jobs I wanted, moved where I wanted, and I created the life I envisioned.
Throughout this journey, one person has been a consistent source of inspiration and mentorship, Tim Ferriss.
Over these years I've become increasingly grateful for the words of wisdom I've latched on to from Tim and all his guests on The Tim Ferriss Show.
This gratuity has built a stockpile of inspiration that has helped me become a better person, in so many ways.
I've reached the point where it's time to act, to begin to pay that same inspiration forward and give back.
One where I can scratch an itch that has waited dormant in my mind for the right project, and the right time.
I’ve toyed with many ideas over the years, but this one has not been able to escape my mind.
And as Tim says in a conversation with Kevin Kelly (paraphrasing) “write the book that hasn’t been written for you."
This is why I'm drawing a new box.
To pay “Tribute” to the “Titans” that have graced us with their insight over the years.
I begin by honoring the quotes most impactful to me and I'll expand from there.
It’s time to “Pay Inspiration Forward." 

- Patrick