The Great Coffee Mug Size Debate

It's a difficult decision, we know.

Do you want the bigger sized coffee mug to battle your Monday blues? Or do you want the smaller version to refill more often to consistently keep it warm?

This debate that has no real loser, as you're still drinking delicious coffee (or tea!) from one of them. 

We took it upon ourselves to outline the features and benefits of what the 11-ounce coffee mugs brings versus the 15-ounce version. Enjoy!

11-Ounce Coffee Mug

  • This meticulously designed and produced beauty comes to us from American soil. Hoorah.
  • Sometimes you need a smaller mug to share delicious coffee with the people you love. This mug could save your marriage.
  • Most sports have square corners. Not hockey. We like hockey. You should like these rounded corners.
  • By land or by sea? Well, the former, kind of. The handle design is pronounced as such.
  • Be our guest and reheat your coffee or tea as much as you need, we won’t judge.
  • Fully capable of withstanding whatever goes down in the dishwasher.
  • Dimensions? Tall enough for a tall coffee and wide enough to make your hand not seem gigantic.

15-Ounce Coffee Mug

  • Proudly hand-crafted and precisely created in an American factory. Yeah, we think it’s important, and you should too.
  • Can contain up to 15 ounces of your favorite single-origin coffee. That’s roughly enough coffee to distract you from actual work for at least an hour or two.
  • Corners just like we like our racetrack banks', rounded like Bristol.
  • You might not care to be c-suite, but these handles are shaped like the beginning letter.
  • Washing instructions: cold water, tumble dry low. Sike! Just wash it, in the fashion that tickles your fancy.
  • Gamma rays ain’t got nothing on this ceramic creature.
  • Height: Imagine how tall Jiminy Cricket would be. We think that’s an appropriate approximation.
  • Width: Sticking with the theme, imagine Tinkerbell sleeping, she’d probably fit snug in the mug.

All decided? Review our favorite coffee mug designs to see which you'd like to drink from.

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